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Founded in 1956 Taskers was the first Western Australian company to produce industry leading yacht sails. With a focus on quality and cutting edge technology Taskers quickly built a worldwide name and became the sail of choice for professional racing teams. Over the last 40 years our sails have featured in championship teams throughout the world.

In recent times Taskers has diversified its portfolio and has adapted to market needs by designing and supplying a range of residential and commercial shade sails, awnings, windsocks and flag poles and more. Each and everyone of Taskers products is expertly designed to meet its requirements as well as surviving in the harsh Australian climate.

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With a worldwide reputation for quality Taskers offer a range of premium quality marine, SPARS equipment, hardware and more.


Commercial UV Protection Solutions

We understand the needs of our commercial clients which is why all of our products are custom designed and built tough for the Australian climate.

Residential UV Protection Solutions

Taskers offer a range of quality custom designed residential products such as shade sails, flagpoles, awnings and protective covers.

UV Protection Solutions

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