Over 40 Years of

Maritime Excellence

Taskers first commenced then manufacturing of yacht sails in Western Australia 1956.
In 1968 masts and rigging were introduced into the company, and in the early 1990’s Taskers commenced manufacturing residential and commercial shade sails, flagpoles, goalposts, and umbrellas.

Taskers are the experts in yacht sails, masts and rigging and shade sails.


A True Passion

Our passionate and experienced team of sail makers and spars are working constantly to find innovative ways to improve our products through advances in manufacturing, engineering and design.

As much as Taskers yacht sails and yacht masts are highly valued in the Country, it has been recognised outside Australia too. Most recently we supplied all yacht sails and masts for the Foundation 36 for the Malaysia Cup.

Taskers are proud to be still being Western Australian owned and still maintain independency from big overseas ownership.


Taskers pioneered the shade industry, not only in Perth, but Australia wide in the early 1990s. Working with manufacturers we developed a range of strong and colourful UV-resistant fabrics that we now guarantee for 10 years. Our experience in setting 30-metre masts and sails to survive gale conditions at sea is your assurance that Taskers shade sails and support structures are built to last, having been engineered to the highest standard. Taskers are specialists in designing and erecting large scale sails for use in commercial, industrial, mining and recreational areas such as schoolyards, playgrounds and swimming pools.

Working from one of the largest sail lofts in WA, Taskers are ideally poised to design, manufacture and install commercial shade sails and tension membrane structures.

Modern Taskers